Early Birds Get Shit Done.

Giving Back

We believe breakfast is essential in successfully fueling your mornings. This goes for kids too. Did you know that 60% of all learning happens before lunch? This is why breakfast is also the most important meal of the day for students. LYM is proud to donate 10% of all profits from product sales to the Breakfast Club of Canada so that kids can go to school hungry for knowledge, not for food.




We believe in the power of mornings, breakfasts + living life to its fullest.

Started by Alice Ko, LYM was born from a frustration of always feeling behind + that there wasn't ever enough time.

A self-professed Night Owl for years, Alice quickly sang another tune + started chirping about being a Morning Bird once her early-rising habits changed everything. She looked fresher, felt better + got a head-start on the kind of day she wanted to create as soon as her feet hit the floor.

Ready to make your life healthier, happier + more productive? Join The Morning Movement.

Special Shoutouts

LYM would not be possible without the belief + help from Melody Ma, Dayna Szyndrowski, Jon Lee, Reece Sims, Amy Strilchuk, Emily Tai, Toni Scott, Esther Cheng, Andra Avram, Rachelle Hay + Alicia Putinski.