Four Fast Apps to Keep your Day Amped

Even when we start our days on the right foot, it’s easy to succumb to daily demands that get you off track. Thankfully, your smart phone packs killer apps to keep your productivity on point all morning, noon, and night. Here are the four apps I use to maintain my A-game in mind, body, and spirit.

1) Seconds Pro

High-intensity-internal training through stairs sprints is my secret to fitting in an effective yet short workout when I'm low on time. All you need are a set of stairs (I use my apartment building stairs), this app and you're good to go. Not just for HIIT, if you need a timer for any of your workouts, Seconds Pro is the one. With text-to-speech function and music-syncing, you can program this app to get you through your most intense interval training. Want to challenge your fitness friends by sharing each others’ workouts? Seconds Pro lets you set your workouts to theirs and, the best part: it reveals performance times. Sometimes a little friendly competition is just the motivation you need to stay fit.

2) Paprika

Meal planning is the key to a healthy (and cost-effective) lifestyle, but best laid plans fall the the wayside when you’re always losing new recipes or your grocery list. Stay organized and efficient with Paprika — the app that helps you organize recipes, plan meals, and (wait for it!) create synced grocery lists from recipes found anywhere on the web. This app is an awesome way to spice things up in your kitchen without making a total mess trying to manage the ingredients.

3) MyFitnessPal

Eating clean, sweating daily, and still not reaching your fitness goals? Find the calorie culprit with this fast and fun app. MyFitnessPal is an easy site (and app) that syncs your multiple mobile devices for instant calorie tracking wherever you go. Insider tip: track it all and don’t be hard on yourself.  See what patterns emerge and make small shifts to your daily intake to see long-term results. Healthy habits are all about dedication and repetition.

4) Calm

Meditation may seem counterproductive to a busy hustler, but successful people know that mindfulness is the key to making smart decisions. Learn to slow down and let your mind unwind with A variety of relaxation guides lead you through sessions ranging in time from two to twenty minutes. Complete with music and guided scenery, this app helps you slip into your subconscious state — any time, anywhere.

Balance is the key to a happy, healthy day and with these four fast apps, you’ll stay on the fast (and fun!) track for a life well lived.

Alice KoComment