Morning Routines: Dr. Nikki Starr, Spiritual Healer and Life Guide

Dr. Nikki Starr--spiritual healer, life guide, Love Ambassador, and all-around amazing human whom we aspire to be like when we grow up. She bridge-poses the gap between traditional medicine and spirituality, having received both a BS in Psychology and Nutrition and an MD from NYU. Then Starr’s out-in-the-world wellness path led her to one we can all reach, no compass needed: Love.

This medical doctor turned intuitive life coach, intimacy teacher (and more!) now uses her skills and passion for awakening the healing power of love in humanity and has written a book called Raw Naked Truths to help people with meditation.

Utopia’s #DrLove shares her morning routine with us, explains what a Love Ambassador is, and why her mission is to empower people to live their dreams. 

Are you a (natural) morning bird or night owl?
I am a natural morning bird. My rhythm is in cycle with the sun as humans are meant to be. Our sleep/wake hormonal cycle is affected by light.  I wake with the sun no matter what time I go to sleep!

What are you most excited about right now?
I’m most excited about the retreat I am hosting right now Italy! It started on May 7 and will end on May 13.  It will take place in a spiritual e-cocommunity called Damanhur. It is a really magical place. I lived here for 3 months this past year and wish to split my time between California/NY and Damanhur. They built a temple in a mountain and they have many labyrinths to walk to optimize our energy. For more info:

What quote do you live by?
Choose love in every moment.

What are you obsessed with right now?
I just finished The O Manuscript by Lars Muhl. As someone on a spiritual path, I found it to be really healing and awakening.

Fill in the blank: I (usually) eat fruit for breakfast.

What’s your go-to morning drink?
I like to blend frozen acai or dragonfruit with a banana and water. It’s a very refreshing superfood drink. If it’s too cold out I like raw cacao powder in steamed almond milk with maple syrup as a sweetener.

What’s your morning “Happy” song?
I actually like to enjoy silence in the morning. I like to do my morning rituals, prayers and meditation in silence. It allows me to listen within and find clarity for the day ahead.

What do you read and listen to first thing in the morning?
I often wake up inspired. Instead of reading I write. In the morning silence I often receive a quote or message, which I share on Instagram.

What’s your current morning routine?
While still in bed I begin with gratitude being mindful about what I am most grateful for in life. Then breath work. Then prayer. Then meditation. Some energy healing on myself. An Instagram post if some inspiration came through during the meditation (and I have time). Some stretching. Then celery juiced in the Vitamix a half hour before breakfast.  

Do you meditate in the morning, evening, or in-between?
My book came to me in a meditation. I was actually alone meditating naked in Nature on a rock in a river! That’s how I came up with the title Raw Naked Truths.  The book is all about life and how to just “be.” It’s poetic and a short sweet read. It’s a great pick me up!

I meditate morning and evening. In between too. Especially when I am working on a new project or am open to new ideas. I sit still and listen. The answers always come!

You can receive a free guided meditation by me here.

Fill in the blank: Meditation is important because it...
Enhances our entire lives and being. We feel more at peace, inspired and our days are more efficient. Meditation enhances our health, keeps us young and provides us with more energy.

You call yourself a Love Ambassador. What does that mean?
As a Love Ambassador I am commited to elevating love on the planet–self love, love for each other, love for humanity, for our earth, for all beings and things.

What is the biggest life lesson you’ve learned from all your education and training?Life experience and travel is the greatest teacher. No amount of book knowledge can replace the guidance of the intuition and heart! My education and training was an important foundation for my shift into the spiritual space because people know that I chose this path despite all the money and time investment. I am grateful for my education journey because it gives me credibility.

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