Evening Routines: Jenna Wiebe of Duvet Days

Jenna Wiebe’s aesthetic is so appealing, you’d be forgiven if you wanted to launch a business just to have her make it look good. With an interdisciplinary background in design, art direction, branding, fashion, beauty, commercials, systems software and graphics (whew!) - Jenna creates designs that are pure, beautiful, and sophisticated (as in, even your artistic roommate would be at a loss for words). With over 10+ years experience, this sought-after independent designer, winner of a District Scholarship for Fine Arts, Art Institute of Vancouver graduate (alumni on the wall of fame too!), channels her undeniable talent and passion for art into a personal passion called Duvet Days. Jenna uses design and her visual mastery to create awareness around the emotional stories of sexual and domestic abuse survivors to establish a space for self-acceptance and self-love. This natural night owl and soon-to-be mama shares her vision behind Duvet Days, her evening routine and her one secret to make waking up that much easier. 

Are you a morning bird or night owl?
I have always been a night owl, but as I have gotten older I really appreciate mornings.

What are your current sources of inspiration?
Travel and the people I interact with regularly with on Duvet Days. The individuals I have met through Duvet Days have given me new hope in humanity. They make me believe that despite all the hate and violence happening in the world right now, there is still so much love to be had and spread.

Tell us how you got the courage to tell your truths through Duvet Days, what your blue sky goals are for this project and how people can get involved.
I had lived in Vancouver for 14 years (between the ages of 18-32) and I was ready for a big change. So, I moved to Bali in the fall of 2015. This is when I finally arrived at peace with all my past experiences and it felt like the right time to share my truths. And so, I created Duvet Days.

I am currently working on launching the Duvet Days website which will have a blog and feature stories of survivors, where they are today and how they got to their place of self-love. I really want to create a space for an open dialogue about sexual abuse from actual survivors that have either been through it or are going through the process of healing.

Giving people hope is the best thing you can do to help people get through the dark days. I think just being real about the healing process is helpful. It is not so simple and once you confront your trauma, unfortunately, not everything magically disappears or feels like nothing happened. I think being honest and real about the aftermath of abuse is so important for people not to feel so alone. 

Eventually, I would love to have a store that is dedicated to products that are all to do with self-love in collaboration with other brands, as well as custom created products by Duvet Days, such as stationery, cards, and more. I also want to use a portion of the sales to create a fund to help survivors of abuse.

At this time I am still trying to figure out how I can get people involved on a bigger scale in the future. Right now, I am sharing survivor's voices through their contributions to Survivor Talks on Instagram, which is real talk from survivors of abuse. I hope this is creating inspiration from one survivor to another.

What quote do you live by?
If not now, when?

What are you obsessed with right now?
Currently, I am reading articles on topics that concern Duvet Days and stories and messages that people submit to me. Light is the New Black and Women Who Run with the Wolves are books on my reading list.

I am almost 17 weeks pregnant so I am a little obsessed with my little one as the whole pregnancy experience is such a life-changing journey. From the moment you find out you are pregnant -- it changes you. Some good changes and some not so good changes :) 

Do you have any evening drink rituals?
Most of the time, I only drink water, but in the evenings I enjoy peppermint tea.

What’s your evening “unwind” song?
One of my favorite songs is called Nuvole Bianche (White Clouds) by Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi. I could seriously listen to this all day.

What do you read or listen to right before bed?
Now that I am pregnant I usually save my evenings to read about pregnancy and anything baby related as that is my time to connect with my little one.

What’s your current evening routine?
My evening routine has changed with my pregnancy, as I have had to stop and listen to my body and do things only when my body feels up to it rather than push through things! 

I try and do one hour of prenatal yoga in the evenings to help with strength, flexibility, breathing, and mediation. I will also read up on pregnancy and carve out quiet and quality time to just talk to my little one. Lastly, I slather coconut oil all over my belly :)

You’re a global nomad and have spent many evenings around the world! Many people cannot get a good night’s rest unless it’s in their own bed. How do you manage to get a consistent night’s sleep, despite travelling to different (sometimes uncomfortable!) places?
I used to be a horrible sleeper.  Since I started this nomad life I actually sleep better even though I am constantly sleeping in new places! For almost one year and a half, I didn’t sleep in what was considered 'my bed' for more than two weeks at a time.

I think when traveling often, you tend to eventually adjust to sleeping in new places. Sleeping just doesn’t become as big of an issue and you are just happy to have a bed to sleep in! 

Also I think for me, leaving behind a lot of things that were not making me happy -- and instead, pursuing a life that did make me happy -- made the biggest impact on my sleep.

Do you have any night time rituals that help you prepare for your morning?
I think it is important to go to bed feeling positive, as it affects how you wake up in the morning. Try to let go of anything negative emotions from the day, so you can go to bed feeling positive, peaceful, and happy. 

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