Morning Routines: Jennifer Heal of Whole Foods

Photo of Jennifer Heal by Bridget Badore for OVERT NYC

Once upon a time, Jennifer Heal saw beautiful food around her. That was yesterday. And the day before, and the day before that. That's how it goes when you run Social Media and Digital Marketing for Whole Foods Market in the Northeast region of the United States, responsible for telling bite-sized stories behind top-notch products.

This Parsons School for Design grad (who’s also done social media for Betsey Johnson and Bollare Communications - no big deal), sees life through a creative lens more colorful than anything on Snapchat and knew about 'The Unicorn Life' waaay before it was cool.  This fun, outgoing fashion and food lover is obsessed with anything miniature and calls herself an 'avid' collector of flair. 

This New Yorker shares her favorite breakfast foods from Whole Foods, her morning routine and the one thing she does at night to make rising and shining fun! 

Are you a morning bird or night owl?
I try to be a morning bird but sometimes the snooze button gets the best of me.

What are you most excited about right now?
I am really excited about an upcoming girls trip I have to New Orleans with my mom and sister. I’ve never been before and can’t wait to eat alllll the beignets.

What are you obsessed with right now?
Still obsessing over Solange’s recent album…it’s my go to for a chill Sunday.

Fill in the blank:
I (usually) eat oatmeal with banana and a coffee for breakfast.

What’s your go-to morning drink?
Coffee…always! Although I am trying to force myself to drink more green juice lately :) 

If you could only eat breakfast from the shelves of Whole Foods for the rest of your life what would you stuff in your shopping cart?
Coffee from Cafe Grumpy (I live right across the street from their roasting facility in Greenpoint, Brooklyn!), fresh cut fruit or a Sumo citrus from our produce department and a vegan pastry from our bakery Department. I’m not vegan, but these items are that good :) Also, the new Spring Hot Bar in the Whole Foods prepared foods section is my everything as of late!

What’s your morning “Happy” song?
I love Ariana Grande. Her song Be Alright puts me in an amazing mood! 

What do you read first thing in the morning? 
Instagram first then emails.

What’s your current morning routine?
I wake up, go for a run, shower and get ready for work. I pop by Cafe Grumpy for a coffee and then head to the office. When I'm at the office, I'll usually make my oatmeal to set myself up for a kickass morning!

What is the top morning tip you want to share with others?
Always wake up, take a deep breath and smile. Make it the first thing you do. Even if you have the most insane day ahead of you, sometimes, a little smile goes a long way :)

Do you use any apps to make your mornings easier?
Not really. I try to stay off my phone as much as I can (besides quick social media and email checks) to give myself “me time”.

Do you have any night time rituals that help you prep for mornings?
I like picking out my outfit for the next day. This saves time and also makes me excited to wake up and put on something cute!

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